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Holistic Financial Planning

Over the years, you’ve purchased investments and insurance policies and created wills and trusts. Whether by way of intentional planning or haphazard collection, these puzzle pieces form the backbone of a plan or map you’ve created to guide your path to retirement.

But you can’t get where you’re trying to go without a defined goal in mind. You need to gather all the pieces of that puzzle and arrange them in a coherent pattern. Only when the retirement planning puzzle is complete can you clearly see the whole picture and evaluate whether this plan will guide you to your envisioned destination.

At Guidant Planning, we offer a holistic financial planning approach that begins by gathering together all the unique investments and plans you have made, putting the puzzle together and comparing what you’ve envisioned with what you’ve created. Sometimes the map you’ve created isn’t complete as it should be or the path you thought would lead you to retirement requires some rerouting – a consideration of different opportunities — to address that objective.

The ultimate goal of our holistic planning process is to identify these opportunities and provide creative solutions to affect positive change placing your retirement plan on the soundest possible basis. By evaluating your financial situation in the following areas, we work to create a well-designed map to guide you to your ultimate destination:

  • Protection
  • Retirement Plan
  • Investments
  • Tax Plan
  • Estate Plan

Our process doesn’t stop with creating your retirement and financial roadmap. As your financial and personal goals and situation change, we adapt your plan. Ultimately, our holistic financial planning process is designed to pursue your ongoing needs. It’s the ultimate flexible guide designed to help you address a financially independent and personally fulfilling retirement.

*No strategy assures success or protects against loss in periods of declining values.  We do not provide tax or legal services.

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